Cutting service!

We supply cardboard packaging dociętego under a special dimension designated by the customer.
Cato Gardenboard UC - sided coated cardboard with a gray underside, typu GD2, Certified for contact with food.
Minimum order is 300 kg of cardboard and depends on the weight of the role, which is designed to cut. Minimalny format to 40×40 cm, maximum 160×200 cm.

Standard lead time is about cutting services 48 hours and is dependent on the availability of raw material.
We deliver the ordered size to a specified address.

The new logistics center!

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ladies and gentlemen!
Due to the rapid development and meet the expectations of our customers to inform, that we opened another logistic center. It will be supported by the Logistic Center Krakow - Kokotów located in the vicinity of the A4 motorway and a new node south - eastern part of Kraków bypass.
7R Logistic Kraków Kokotów Sp z o.o. 32-002 Kokotów 777

This warehouse will supply to customers from the Southern region at the date of the order, or the next day in the morning.
At time 8 -18 It will be also possible personal collection.
You're welcome !


The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Regional Programme                 Operational Podlasie Province for years 2007-2013
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