High-quality self-copying paper that is perfect for offset printing. Available in three types of layers.


  • CB (Coated back)
    Transfer layer:
    The back side of the paper is coated with microcapsules, it copies the next layer. This is the sheet on which the original document is printed
  • CFB (Coated front and back)
    Transfer and accept layer:
    The paper is coated on both sides: on the front with an activated clay and on the back with microcapsules. This paper is used as the middle sheet accepts the copy from the top layer and transfers it to the next layer.
  • CF (Coated front)
    Accepting layer:
    Paper coated on top with active clay accepts print from the previous layer.


  • reciept or invoice booklets,
  • blanks,
  • forms,
  • invoices


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14000

format A2 in stock: CFB 60g white; CB 55g white